Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trip to Legaspi Albay and Sorsogon

Do-it-yourself tour: we got most of our information from Calvin's Hub
Some pictures are borrowed from Dennis Domingo, Elle Francisco and Hazel Namingit

Day 1: Cagsawa Ruins
 From Legaspi airport, we took tricycle going out (p30) then Jeep with signboard "Guinobatan" (p10 each). We asked the jeepney driver to drop us off to the road going to Cagsawa Ruins:

small river going to Cagsawa (Photo by Dennis Domingo)
Mayon Volcano

we went back to Legaspi City for lunch at "Small Talk Cafe"

going to Donsol Sorsogon:
--> take another tricycle to Van Terminal.
      Van Fare: p60 each

We booked a standard room in Vitton Beach Resort but Annie (resort officer) gave us free room upgrade. It was a Sunset room with balcony facing the beach. Yey! :)

 (Vitton Beach Resort by Elle Francisco)
 (Vitton Beach Resort by Elle Francisco)
 (Vitton Beach Resort by Elle Francisco)

(Vitton Beach Resort by Elle Francisco)

Day 2: Donsol Sorsogon, Whale shark Encounter
We registered and watched the video orientation at Donsol Department of Tourism (DOT) the day before so we're the first team to go.  We came in around 7AM. Better start early :D
(Vitton Beach Resort by Elle Francisco)
 (Vitton Beach Resort by Elle Francisco)

Every boat is accompanied by Butanding Encounter Officer (BIO)
Whale shark Encounter costs 3,500 for 5 including boat rental, registration and BIO fee.

(Photo by Dennis Domingo)

(Photo by Dennis Domingo)
(Photo from Hazel Namingit)

We're done around 11AM and head straight to Sorsogon City.
Travel time: about an hour and 30 mins.
--> From beach resort, take tricycle to Van Terminal going to Legaspi City.
      From Donsol Van terminal, get off at Putiao (alam na ng driver yun. travel time is about 30mins) and wait for a BUS going to Sorsogon City (travel time is about 45mins).

In Sorsogon City, we spotted Mango Grill and decided to have our lunch here. Food was great and not so expensive. :) I am definitely going back.
 this sago literally pops in your mouth! :D

From Sorsogon City, we took jeep going to Bacon and stayed at Sea Breeze Resort.
-it was a rainy day so not a lot of pics.

(Photo by Dennis Domingo)

Day 3: Paguriran Island

From Sea breeze resort, another jeep going to Paguriran Island. This beach is AMAZZZING!!

(Photo by Dennis Domingo)

(Photo by Dennis Domingo)
 Day 4: Legaspi, Albay

Its shopping day, so we forgot about pictures. hehe we originally planned to stay at Sto. Domingo Albay to experience the Black sand Beach but opted to stay at Villa Amada Hotel in Legaspi City.

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